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Farm Facts: Beef

Farm Facts About Beef

Did you know there are 50 breeds of beef cattle in the United States? Discover more interesting facts and statistics about this protein-packed food.... Read more »
Farm Facts: Sheep

Farm Facts About Wool

Did you know sheep are usually shorn once a year in the spring to keep them cool and harvest their fleece? Learn more interesting facts and statistics about wool.... Read more »
Farm Facts about Eggplants

Farm Facts About Eggplant

It may not be the most popular fruit of the bunch, but the eggplant thrives in the summertime and is great for grilling. China is the world’s top producer of the vegetable, and in the... Read more »
Farm Facts About Avocados

Farm Facts About Avocados

The nutrient-packed avocado has become increasingly more popular of the past few decades, and although the green fruit was thought to have originated in Mexico, avocado trees were first planted in Florida and California in... Read more »
Farm Facts About Blueberries

Farm Facts About Blueberries

Sweet, fresh blueberries are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants and nutrients. We celebrate the berry in July for National Blueberry Month, but this true-blue fruit is available (and delicious) year-round. Take a look at interesting facts... Read more »
Farm Facts About Strawberries

Farm Facts About Strawberries

Bright red, juicy, sweet and packed with nutrients, fresh strawberries are a summertime staple. Did you know that in 2011, the U.S. produced 2.8 billion pounds of berries? The crop was valued at almost $2.4... Read more »
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