What does the FFA jacket mean to you?

FFA Convention


The official FFA jacket was introduced and accepted by the delegates at the 1933 National FFA Convention. So if you do the math, this fall, we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the blue corduroy jacket we all love so much!

We’re planning a big story in FFA New Horizons about the jacket, and we want your help! Tell us your feelings about the FFA jacket – in words, photos or video. The best responses will be featured in the print magazine, in our mobile app, and on the New Horizons website.

In your responses, complete one (or all) of these statements:

1. The FFA jacket is special to me because…

2. My favorite FFA jacket memory is…

3. If you looked in my FFA jacket pocket, you would find…

4. (for past members) Today, my FFA jacket is… (hanging in a closet, framed, in my attic, etc.)

…or tell us your own FFA jacket story!


Here’s how you can send it to us.

Written Responses:
Email your comments to us (ffanation@jnlcom.com). Be sure to include your name, chapter, state and years of FFA membership.

We want to see photos of you in your FFA jacket! Email your best FFA jacket photos to us (ffanation@jnlcom.com). Be sure to include your name, chapter, state and years of FFA membership. Also describe what makes this photo special.

Shoot a short clip of yourself completing these statements. Cell phone videos are fine! Then either email the video to us (ffanation@jnlcom.com) or post it to YouTube, then email us the link. Be sure to include your name, chapter, state and years of FFA membership. Here are some tips to make sure your video looks good (and has a better chance of being used).

  • Can be recorded with any device (iPhone, Tablet, Webcam) provided it is Widescreen Horizontal. Vertical videos cannot be accepted.
  • Get a friend to shoot the video for you if using a mobile device.
  • We can take MP4 or Quicktime MOV submissions via email, or youtube.
  • No longer than 30 seconds in length, please.
  • Please do not point your camera looking towards a window or in a dark room. Shooting looking out a large window, outside, or turning on all the lights is recommended.
  • No logos e.g. NFL, Nike, Sports Teams, Clothing brands, etc. – except the FFA would be acceptable.

One Response to “What does the FFA jacket mean to you?”

  1. Robyn Moberly

    I love all of the FFA chapters. Even my own I am involved in FFA now and I love it. It is so much fun. I didn’t know it will be this much of fun.


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