[QUIZ] What’s Your Learning Style?

Learning Style Quiz

Want to know your dominate learning style?

Answer the questions in the quiz. Post your result in the comment box below and share via Facebook! 

  1. 1. You are not sure whether a word should be spelled 'dependent' or 'dependant.' You would:

  2. 2. You are planning a group vacation and want the groups feedback on the plan. You would:

  3. 3. You are going to cook something as a special treat for your family. You would:

  4. 4. You are about to purchase a digital camera or mobile phone. Other than price, what would most influence your decision?

  5. 5. You have a problem with your heart. You would prefer that the doctor:

  6. 6. I like websites that have:

  7. 7. Other than price, what would most influence your decision to buy a new nonfiction book?

  8. 8. You are using a book, CD or website to learn how to take photos with your new digital camera. You would like to have:

  9. 9. You are going to order food at a restaurant or cafe. You would:

  10. 10. You have to make an important speech at a conference or special occasion. You would:

Learn more about your type of learning here.

Download a PDF of the quiz here, to use when offline.

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